1. Ilgės – Caretakers of Yearning

  2. The Hunters in the Snow – A Contemplation on Pieter Bruegel‘s Series of the Seasons
    Anemone Tube, Jarl & Monocube

  3. The Three Worlds - Allegory of Vanity / Forget Heaven / Vanity of Allegory
    Anemone Tube

  4. The Three Worlds - Allegory of Vanity
    Anemone Tube

  5. The Three Worlds - Forget Heaven
    Anemone Tube

  6. The Three Worlds - Vanity of Allegory
    Anemone Tube

  7. The Futura Model
    Nikolas Schreck

  8. Abomination of Desolation
    Last Dominion Lost

  9. Snowdrops from a Curate`s Garden
    Last Dominion Lost

  10. Golden Temple LP
    Anemone Tube

  11. In the Vortex of Dionysian Reality LP
    Anemone Tube

  12. In the Vortex of Dionysian Reality
    Anemone Tube

  13. Proceed With Inquiry DVD
    Dave Phillips

  14. Litaniæ Mortuorum Discordantes
    Anemone Tube & Post Scriptvm

  15. All My Sins Remembered - The Sonic Worlds of John Murphy

  16. Epicurean Escapism III CD/DVD/Catalogue

  17. Nightmare Visions

  18. Golden Temple CD
    Anemone Tube

  19. In The Vortex of Dionysian Reality
    Anemone Tube

  20. Seance
    Post Scriptvm

  21. Elect Me God, And I`ll Kill You All!
    Catatonic Existence

  22. Subhuman Tracks

  23. Towers of Silence
    Last Dominion Lost

  24. Verdant Hum
    Krank / The Grimsel Path

  25. We who were living are now dying

  26. Epicurean Escapism I CD/DVD/Catalogue

  27. Epicurean Escapism II CD/DVD/Catalogue

  28. The Transfiguration Of The Image
    Anemone Tube

  29. This Dismal World
    Anemone Tube

  30. Epicurean Escapism (2012)

  31. A Year To Live
    Brume / Oublier Et Mourir

  32. Death Over China
    Anemone Tube

  33. Dream Landscape
    Anemone Tube

  34. Transference
    Christian Renou/Anemone Tube

  35. :existence
    Anemone Tube

  36. Flowers Of Reality
    Anemone Tube


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