This Dismal World

by Anemone Tube




“This Dismal World” is a dark concept album about the ‘Four Nobel Truths’ – the central teachings of Buddhism explaining the nature of suffering (dukkha). Legendary cult industrial act Dissecting Table from Japan and Germany’s dark ambient/industrial project Anemone Tube join forces to perambulate the stony path of the four noble truths: suffering, its causes, the possibility of its cessation and how it can be overcome.

With the use of field recordings exclusively made in a mausoleum in China in 2007, Anemone Tube gains insight into the first truth of suffering, the impermanency of all forms of life and the inevitableness of death. “In The Mausoleum“ is a dark industrial epic conjuring up a sinister, threatening atmosphere. With the crushing power-electronics track “From Anthropocentrism To Demonocentrism”, based on field recordings made in buddhist temples in Nanjing and Shanghai, Anemone Tube consequentially confronts the listener with the origin of man`s craving for sense-pleasures and self-perpetuating egocentrism.

Dissecting Table`s monumental industrial track “1000 Tones“ is dedicated to the 1000-armed Guanyin – being known as the goddess of compassion to save beings from suffering and ignorance. Almost like a self-mortification Dissecting Table is reciting the complete 25th Lotus Sutra about The Universal Gate of Bodhisattva Kanzeon (“the perceiver of the world`s lamentations”). Accompanying with ritual drumming, diverse analogue treatments and deep growls, Dissecting Table creates a threnody for today’s dejected world.”


“Mit "This Dismal World" wird ein Konzept-Album im besten Sinne des Wortes vorgelegt, bei dem Anspruch und Umsetzung nicht, wie so oft, geradezu beschämend weit auseinanderklaffen – vielmehr wird das Sujet auf den unterschiedlichen Rezeptionsebenen mit einer Intensität und Liebe zum Detail durchgearbeitet, die den Rezipienten geradezu in die emotionale und intellektuelle Auseinandersetzung zwingt.”
(Nonpop Magazin, July 2013)

“This Dismal World (…) is among the few magnificent examples of symbiosis between idea and sound that I have heard. (…) Everything on this record, from its concept through its design and until its very last bit of noise is embodied in a massive — and I have to admit — extremely intense and aggressive atmosphere.” Rating: 5/5
(Heathen Harvest, April 2013)

“Anemone Tube lead off and based on the sheer quality of their recent output (specifically referring to the ‘Death Over China’ album), it is great to see the new material is as equally stunningly here.”
(Noise Receptor Magazine, April 2013)

"Wie auch schon auf anderen Alben Anemone Tubes zeigt sich, wie kraftvoll und bar jeder Klischees Power Electronics klingen kann. (...) selbst wenn man keinerlei Informationen über das zugrundeliegende Konzept, über die verwendeten Texte und die Orte, an denen die Aufnahmen gemacht wurden, hätte, so könnte man sich auch rein am Klang der drei Tracks erfreuen, die verdeutlichen, dass Geräuschmusik nicht gleich Geräuschmusik ist und dass atonale(re) Musik unglaublich differenziert sein kann.”
(African Paper)


released April 18, 2013

“In The Mausoleum” recorded by Anemone Tube 2007 and 2009 exclusively with field recordings made in Sun-Yat-sen-Mausoleum, Nanjing 2007, “From Anthropocentrism To Demonocentrism” recorded by Anemone Tube 2008 with field recordings made in Nanjing and Shanghai 2007 and additional synthesizer, final mix 2012.

“1000 Tones” recorded by Ichiro Tsuji at UPD studios 2012.

Mastering by James Plotkin 2012.

Photography & Graphic Design by Anemone Tube 2007/2012.
Guanyin Bodhisattva (“Goddess of Compassion”), 21-meter high bronze statue, Longxing Monastery, Shijiazhuang.

Released by Peripheral Records (UK), 2013
12" LP, black vynil, high quality varnished full color 300g cover sleeve
Regular edition: 200 copies with A4 insert (210 x 297 mm)
Die-hard edition: 88 hand numbered copies with A4 insert (210 x 297 mm), A2 poster (592 x 420 mm) and 2 woven patches, one of each project.


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