Death Over China

by Anemone Tube



All music recorded, edited and mixed by Anemone Tube between July 2007 and December 2009. All music solely created with field recordings made in Nanjing and Shanghai 2007, additional synthesizer used only on “I shall forever invoke” and “Prayer walk”. Mastered by James Plotkin 2010.

Poetry by Anemone Tube 2008-2009. Graphic design by Anemone Tube 2011. All photos taken by Anemone Tube in China 2007, except photo of advertisement facade taken by Jan Ciecierski, ulysses and the sirens painting by H.J. Draper, 1909, historical photographs taken ~ 1905 in Beijing documenting the last public execution utilizing leng tch’e.

Released by Topheth Prophet (IL) & Silken Tofu (B), 2011
Ltd. edition: 731 copies, hand numbered
Packaging: luxurious 5 panel folder with metallic/black print, 19 x 14 cm, packaged in transparent bag


“Only one year after the magnificent ‘Dream Landscape’ the new Anemone Tube album ‘Death over China’ is released and exceeds all expectations.”
(Ikonen Magazin, Patrick Kilian, June 2011)

"... Effectively Anemone Tube achieves a sound that spans the divide between ‘academic’ experimental material and ‘underground’ industrial territory. Likewise within this context Anemone Tube have achieved a particularly unique sound, which these days can be a challenge to say the least within ambient/ industrial spheres."
(Noise Receptor, Richard Stevenson, February 2013)

"... an ambitious artistic statement realised in sound and images from Anemone Tube. (...) I’d be tempted to align this with many other noise records that push the “apocalypse culture” buttons, but Anemone Tube’s distinctive sound-art here is dramatic and powerful and very creative too. (...) An exceptionally strong and unsettling work."
(The Sound Projector, Ed Pinsent, January 2012)

“Anemone Tube uses field recordings masterfully (...) A combination of brutal, grim noise, recorded sounds, spoken word and machinery turned into heavy, slow rhythms (...) ‘Death Over China’ is painfully alive, bursting with an agonizing tension. It grips the listener with admirable force, never letting go until the 45 minutes of the recording are over. Rating: 5/5"
(Heathen Harvest, VITRIOL, November 2011)

“Excellent work of noise art."
(Vital Weekly, NM, June 2011)

“I played this album 5 times without removing it from my CD player. And it still makes me want to listen to it again. I'm a sucker for loops and physical sounds."
(Special Interests #6, M.A., July 2011)

“Individuals who look for a soundtrack for the creeping end of the world must not miss this masterpiece."
(Kulturterrorismus, R. Feldmann, June 2011)

“To say it in one word: BUY! Rating: 9/10"
(Connexion Bizarre, August 2011)

“A masterpiece of its kind."
(Art Abscons, July 2012)


One year after the highly acclaimed "Dream Landscape" CD ANEMONE TUBE returns with the new concept album "Death over China".

No country in history has emerged as a major industrial power without creating a legacy of environmental damage that can take, if at all possible, decades to undo. China`s rise as an economic power has no clear parallel in history; thus, its pollution problem has shattered all precedent developments.

"Death over China" is a retaliation of nature against humankind. In the same moment it is a dedication to our untamed curiosity for the essence of death and our (inherent in our collective action) secret death wish. In China`s uncompromising economical and social development we see demonstrated, how we - even with the immolation of our health, environment and tradition - are the servants to material progress. Though we are aware of the approaching ecological disaster, we hazard the consequences. Sustainability is sacrificed on the altar of egoist quest for happiness. We consume, we destroy, we thrive, we conjure: "Deathly kingdom of desire, you sustain the life in me, Black death rise!"

Using field recordings, collected in Nanjing and Shanghai in 2007, ANEMONE TUBE creates an unsettling yet intriguing, apocalyptic soundtrack with a sinister atmosphere and a depressive undertone - a unique blend of dark ambient, post industrial and power electronics in the tradition of European industrial music.

"Death over China" is the second part of "The Suicide Series", for which field recordings provide a conceptional basis. In a poetic way ANEMONE TUBE combines analytical realism of the phenomenal world with buddhist psychology and nihilist rhetoric influenced by the works of Michael Haneke, Hayao Miyazaki, H.P. Lovecraft and Yukio Mishima.

All music recorded between July 2007 and December 2009. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN 2010.

Definitely ANEMONE TUBE`s best and most mature album yet.


released June 11, 2011


all rights reserved


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